Passphrase Generator


Why this is important

A strong password helps keep your accounts and devices safe, so having a strong password is important.

The best password is a password with a few random words clumped together, with a number to add some more variety. This type of password is not only strong, but easy to remember.

Password tips

Avoid reuising passwords

If your password is compromised on one account, it can be used to access other accounts that use the same password. Using different passwords for different accounts can help keep this from happening.

Use a password manager

This can help you keep track of different passwords for multiple accounts. All you need to remember is one secure password to access the password manager, and you can use autofill to log into your accounts.

Use 2FA or OTP

This adds a second layer of security to your accounts, which uses a one time password to protect your account. This is done either through an authenticator app, text messages, or even a physical USB key if you want to invest in one.